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Certified Auto Specialists

Our certified technicians have been working on cars for over 20 years. Let us service your car so you can drive at ease. First Choice is Your Best Choice.

We are certified

We know what we're doing. With a wall full of certifications and 20 plus years of practical experience you can be at ease. Our Certified specialists and reputable auto shop will provide you with a guaranteed service that will not be denied by your insurers.
Ontario Certified Motor Vehicle Inspection Station

About First Choice Auto

First Choice Auto is a trusted name in Markham. With over 20 years of history, we have the experience to service your vehicles. We're completely transparent and upfront with our customers. We consider your priorities first as we believe in building a long lasting relationship with you as your Mechanic.


We offer a whole array of services. From basic maintenance such as your oil change to vehicle inspections and full service repairs. Any small or big things your car needs, we can help. We keep a record of everything we do on your car to keep our relationship transparent.


  • James W review
    James W review
    James W, 2007 Honda Accord
    Review Date: Aug 2017

    Car engine stopped working on a very bad day. Then I had it towed to markham first choice auto after getting a friend's recommendation. The auto shop I usually go to is at Vaughan, and it will be too expensive to tow my car there so I had to pick somewhere close. The owner Stephen was very nice and experienced. I suspected it was the starter, and he ran a quick inspection on the spot, and said it is most likely something related to the starter as well. Left my car there overnight, and he called me back in the morning after running a detailed inspection. Gave me a reasonable quote and fixed it before 3pm. Services were quick and trustworthy! It has been 3 months now, and my starter and engine has no problem at all now.

  • Jason D review
    Jason D review
    Jason D, 2006 Lexus
    Review Date: Feb 2017

    The technicians here are very professional and honest. I come here at least once a year for my oil change.

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